What's in a name?

Some people have asked where the name Tian Garden came from...

The word "Tian" in Chinese can have several meanings depending on the tone and character used.

One commonly used meaning is using the character: and the 'first tone' in Mandarin Chinese.  This means Sky, Cosmos or Heaven, and is often mentioned in relationship to its complementary aspect of Dì (地), which is most often translated as "Earth" or Field. These two aspects of Daoist cosmology are representative of the dualistic nature of Daoism. They are thought to maintain the two poles of the Three Realms of reality, with the middle realm occupied by Humanity (人 Ren).  This also corresponds with the Yin and the Yang aspects of the world and of people. 

In the case of Tian Garden, and in our logo, we have used the character which means "Field" or farm, the 'second tone' and is about cultivation.  We like it because it represents a field, but also looks like a window, from where you can watch your garden grow... Traditionally, Chinese doctors viewed the body symbolically as a garden (as opposed to a machine, which is often how western medicine views it), and used the gardening model to parallel the various needs and functions of the body.  The health care practitioner (acupuncturist/ herbalist) in this case is like a caretaker of a garden, helping it to find or recover its ecological balance.

So, the name is about cultivating a garden, and about cultivating health but can also be a visual pun of sorts (!*) referring to the Yin and Yang, the Heaven and Earth, and us mere mortals inbetween.  We hope that you like it :)

*(puns are BIG in China as so many of the words sound so similar!)